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Our Website is Under Construction

Mobilize Sonoma has had some successes in recent times that have required that we update our website to respond to new land use challenges facing the community in the Sonoma Valley

We thank all those who have helped us with letters and donations in past campaigns. With your help:

The tankers have gone!!

After years of getting no-where with the private rail operator, NWPCo, we finally persuaded SMART, the new operator of the rail freight yard at the south end of the valley, to terminate LNG storage at the entrance to Sonoma’s wine country as of June 1 2022.

In the process, SMART’s decision has removed a very real danger to the environment, and to the life and health of the many people who live and work in the Sonoma Valley on a daily basis.

Amazon has left town!!

In our David and Goliath struggle with one of the biggest companies in the world, we managed to hold on long enough for Amazon to decide to look elsewhere to locate the freight terminal facility planned for Hwy. 121 at the foot of Eighth Street East.

Traffic at that intersection is already impossible throughout the year, and this was just the wrong use, at the wrong scale, at the wrong place. It took a while to persuade Amazon of that, but with your help, and with some decisions by the BZA, we managed to do it.

The empty warehouse is still there though and, in the interest of not having a replay of the past three years, we are cooperating with the owners to help find a tenant (or tenants) that would have a low traffic impact use at that sensitive location.

So if you have ideas in that regard, or know some winery owners who are looking for already-in-place storage facilities, please do let us know and we will pass the word.

With thanks and congratulations on our joint success. We couldn’t have done it without you! We will let you know when the web site is up and running again.