Who is at Risk?

All of the locations and services listed below are either within the blast zone, or are in the secondary zone in which blast- and wind-driven flames are likely to set buildings and services alight. Click on the map to see who is affected.

TANKER MAP 1Public service facilities: the following would be out of action:

  • Schellville Fire Station – first-responder fire and disaster response station.
  • 8th Street Wastewater Treatment Plant – service interruption would leave 12,000 residences & businesses without services, 22,000 people in danger of evacuation.
  • PG&E power lines – service interruption to 20,000 people at the south end of the Sonoma Valley.
  • PG&E gas distribution station – newly installed regional natural gas switching station.
  • Railroad’s own staging site –long-term interruption of regional freight rail transit.
  • Highway 121 & Highway 116 intersection – primary access to Sonoma, Napa Valley, Petaluma, Marin & San Francisco
  • Schellville Airport –the primary emergency air-transport evacuation location in a disaster.

Private businesses: all lie within the blast zone or the impact zone subject to fire.

  • Mulas Dairy, award winning dairy, 850 dairy cows, residences & processing buildings, hayfields vital to the business, etc.
  • Larsen Winery – 5,000 case estate winery popular with visitors to the Carneros,
  • Victory Station – 250,000 sq. ft. of new industrial multi-tenant warehouse and processing space,
  • Carneros Business Park – 153 acres, includes Chanel Cheese, Ganau America Cork, etc.
  • Ceja Winery and Hansen Distillery – premium winery & distiller of craft spirits,
  • Sonoma Pacific Pallet & Lumber Company – wood pallet manufacturing plant,
  • All Truss – roof & floor truss manufacturing plant important to construction industry
  • Arrowsmith Farms, Acacia Avenue – small diversified farm east of Burndale,
  • Homes on Burndale south of 121 – more than 30 homes with values in excess of $1M.
  • Homewood Winery – popular small winery on Burndale Road.
  • Businesses on Maffei Road – variety of small businesses essential to local agriculture.
  • Cornerstone – wineries & local shops, Sunset Magazine, businesses, tourism destination and site of many events with large attendance, local and from the Bay Area.
  • Jacuzzi Winery – premium winery & event center, site of many weddings.
  • Viansa Winery – winery with tastings and tours, marshland preserve and
  • Valley of The Moon Trap Club – sports & recreation venue, the “last of the small hunt clubs”.

Environmental resources: all within reach of a spill at the Schellville yard:

  • Wingo marshlands – delicate marshland environments easily destroyed by spills or fire,
  • Sonoma Creek – the main drainage-way for Sonoma Valley, the water connection to the core of the nearby wildlife habitat and to San Francisco Bay,
  • Baylands wildlife conservation area –Railroad Slough connects direct to Sonoma Creek,
  • San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge – immediately downstream from the Wingo marsh,

Regional services: all would be out of service or heavily impacted after a “bleve” explosion.

  • SR 37 – heavy traffic loads and long delays caused by diversions due to road closure.
  • SR 80 – additional traffic loads due to closure of east-west cross Sonoma traffic flow.
  • SR 101 – additional traffic from diversions due to road closures on SR 37 and 121.
  • Surrounding communities of Sonoma and the Sonoma Valley – congestion and traffic delays would be widespread due to the loss of transportation corridors and evacuations caused by fires and the loss of wastewater treatment services.