It Has Happened Before

It has happened before – 37 times since 2012.


  • June, Doon, IA: Derailment & 230,000 gallon Hazmat spill into the Little Rock River.
  • June, Princeton, IN: 5 car derailment & explosion caused a mandatory evacuation.
  • May, Franconia, VA: Subsidence caused a derailment & $5M in property damage.
  • March, Scott County, KY: Operator error derailed 13 cars, 4 injuries, homes burned.
  • February, Cayce, SC: 2 trains collided, 116 injuries & 5,000 gal. Hazmat spill.
  • January, Harrodsburg KY: Train collision with a truck caused a 40 gal Hazmat spill.


  • June, Sellerville, PA: 3 cars derailed.
  • April, Money, MA: 10 cars derailed causing Hazmat spill.
  • March, Graetinger, LA: 27 cars derailed, bridge burned, spill to Jack Creek.
  • March, Newburgh, NY: Collision with truck, derailment caused Hazmat spill.


  • July, Spring City, TN: Derailment due to faulty wheel, involved 49 of 122 cars.
  • June, Panhandle, TX: Train collision caused fire and $16M in property damage.
  • June, Columbia River, OR: Broken track-bolt caused fire, derailment & 42,000 gal spill.
  • May, Washington, DC: 14 car derailment, major Hazmat spill, expensive cleanup.


  • November, Upper Merion, PA: Switch failure & derailment caused large Hazmat spill.
  • November, Watertown, WI: 13 car derailment, 35 homes evacuated.
  • November, Alma, WI: Derailment & 23,000 gal. Hazmat spill to the Mississippi River.
  • July, Culbertson, MT: 20 car derailment with 35,000 gal. Hazmat spill.
  • July, Knoxville, TN: Hazmat train derailment caused 10 day evacuation of 5,000.
  • May, Helmdal, ND:  Explosion & Hazmat spill led to evacuation of 40 people.
  • March, Bakken, ND: 21 car derailment destroyed bridge.
  • March, Gogama, ON, Canada: 94 car derailment and fire.
  • March, Galena, IL: Fire and derailment involved 94 cars.
  • March, Meacham, OR: Derailment involving 10 cars, Hazmat spill.
  • February, Mt. Carbon, WV: Defective rail caused a spill to the Kanawha River and fire that burned for more than a week.
  • February, ON, Canada: Derailment caused Hazmat damage to remote ecosystem and fire that burned for a week.


  • October, Mer Rouge, LA: Derailment & Hazmat leak, 50 homes evacuated.
  • April, Lynchburg, VA:  Overturn & fire, with 30,000 gal Hazmat spill to James River.
  • January, New Augusta, MS: Tanker spill to farmland, evacuations, highways closed.
  • January, McDavid, FL: Derailment & Hazmat spill to Fletcher Creek, bridge destroyed.
  • January, Plaster Rock, NB, Canada: Broken wheel led to Hazmat leak & evacuation of residents.


  • December, Casselton, ND: Broken wheel led to derailment, town of 2,000 evacuated.
  • November, Aliceville, AL: Explosion, 750,000 gal. spill, fire left to burn itself out.
  • July, LeMegantic, QC, Canada: 30 buildings destroyed in town center, 2,000 evacuated.


  • November, Paulsboro, NJ: Operator error led to $450K equipment loss, $30M for response.
  • October, West Point, KY: Explosion & fire with gas leak, evacuations in a 1.2 mile radius.
  • July, Columbus, OH: Derailment w. 90,000 gal of Hazmat gas, 30 homes evacuated.