Dangers at the Schellville Yard

Dangers at the Schellville Yard

Vulnerable location.

Unstable marshland soils under the track makes it vulnerable to failure
and subsidence in a flood or soil liquefaction in an earthquake

The triggers for track failure are already in place. Two active earthquake faults parallel the yard
and extensive flooding occurs annually in the marshlands around the yard

The site is wide open to adjacent marshland and channels

The yard is close to vital power and gas distribution lines, to two major highways,

and to many vulnerable businesses and residential areas

Lack of protection.

No protective fencing, lighting or security cameras
to deter acts of vandalism or domestic terrorism

No permanent fire protection and inadequate security patrols

No spill-containment structures

Concentration of hazardous materials

High concentration of explosive toxic materials in as many as
160 tankers capable of storing 5 million gallons of LPG

Close placement of up to 160 tankers increases risk of a serial explosion

Highest concentration of tanker cars occurs in winter
which is also the time of highest risk of track subsidence due to flooding

Risks during and after an accident

High potential for extensive blast- and fire-damage

Smoke & air pollution likely to last for extended period

High potential for wildlife kill
due to toxic spills and the use of firefighting foams.